Physics Honors Projects


Year Student Title
2007  James Wells Photodetachment Spectroscopy of the Negative Sulfur Ion at the 2P1/23P2 Threshold in an External Magnetic Field
2007 Carlos P. Ortiz Spectroscopy of Terbium Doped Sol-Gel Glasses
2006 Laura P. Gilbert An Analytic Study of the Quantum-mechanical Asymmetric Infinite Square Well
2000 James H. Nolen The Quenching of Green Upconversion Fluorescence in Er3+-Doped Sol-Gel Derived Silicate Glasses
1998 Douglas J. Meislahn The Second-Order Elastic Constants of AgC1(56.6%)/AgBr from 23 to 400ºC
1997 John A. Cowen, Jr. Doppler Cooling of Atoms and the Magneto-Optic Trap
1995 Susan L. Fischer Ions in Electromagnetic Traps
1995 G. Andrew Antonelli An Examination of Atom-Field Interactions
1993 Gang Hu The Second-Order Elastic Constants of AgBr from 20 to 400ºC
1993 Craig Bohart The Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrum of C60 In Vapor Phase:  The First Electron Transition
1992 Ashoke S. Talukdar Programming Physics Simulations Experiments in Laser Spectroscopy
1992 Girish Gvalani The Non-Linear Response of Cesium to two Photon Excitation to the 7d states
1990 Joeseph G. Louderback, IV The Ionic Conductivity of Heavily Doped AgC1 from 20 to 380ºC
1989 John M. Stewart Non-Linear Response after two Photon Excitation to the 6 and 7 D States in Cesium
1988 William C. Hughes The Second-Order Elastic Constants of AgC1 from 20 to 430ºC
1986 Robert H. Nichols, Jr. Ab Initio Calculations of the Vibrational Frequencies of Polyatomic Molecules Using Molecular Orbital Theory and Classical Vibrational Theory

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