The Bernard Review
Spring 2008

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Chair: Rich Neidinger; new Chair: Donna Molinek

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Ben Klein

Klein retires after 37 years
Molinek named chair
Chartier wins a Sloan, Klein an MAA Distinguished Service Award
Compeau ’08 wins Davidson’s Smith
Putnam, MCM teams do well
More Math Coffees, independent studies
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Laurie Heyer

Heyer develops Calculus and Modeling II
Chartier explains math and mime to teachers
Neidinger writes problems for Chartier’s draft textbook
Swallow gives minicourse on teaching Galois theory
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Tim Chartier, mime

Chartier’s Mime-matics travels to Michigan and Seattle
Bivens and Klein write N. C. State Mathematics Contest
Klein assists with Charlotte Teacher’s Circle
Mossinghoff at it again with Math Jeopardy
Three chaperone buses to Elite Eight
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Mike Mossinghoff

Mossinghoff completes second edition of book
Chartier featured in MAA podcast, publishes three
Bivens and Klein speak on minimization problems
Heyer gives plenary lecture at Indiana MAA meeting, consults
Swallow gives plenary lecture at SoCal-Nevada MAA meeting
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Sloan logo

Chartier wins Sloan Award, also receives DOE grant
Work of Heyer, Dickson ’09, Harden ’09 featured on NPR

     Swallow publishes two, speaks on Galois cohomology
     Topaz ’08 speaks on thesis in Canada
     Mason has paper accepted, speaks, wins research week at Banff
     Daves ’08 presents poster in San Diego
Discrete geometry and number theory:
     Mossinghoff publishes five, speaks twice, organizes one
Dynamical systems
     Molinek speaks twice
Mathematical and computational biology
     Heyer, Compeau ’08 present posters in San Diego
     Heyer, Davis ’11, Muscalino ’09, Parra ’10, Win ’10 all part of
          summer iGEM team
Numerical analysis and scientific computation:
     Chartier lectures three times
     Hergenroeder ’08 presents poster in San Diego
     Chartier and Orr ’08 work on multigrid this summer
     Chartier and Simov ’08 analyze Netflix data this summer
     Marcil ’11 off to REU on groups, graphs, and geometry
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Stephen Davis

Davis speaks on AP Calculus as Test Development Chair
Heyer, Swallow on College’s strategic assessment study groups
Heyer assumes roles at DCPC
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Keith Devlin

Devlin to speak as Bernard Lecturer
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Davidson seniors

Department bids farewell to eighteen majors, five minors
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