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The Bernard Review
Fall 2009

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Chair: Donna Molinek

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Math Awareness Image 2003

Department retreats
Gallian presents Bernard lecture
Six participate in Virginia Tech and also in Putnam competitions
Department launches job search
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Working a math problem

Davis, Klein, and Whitton help with over 300,000 AP Calc exams
Davis and Chartier present at MathFest
Heyer teaches workshop and coauthors high school bio-math module
Heyer presents at GCAT Microarray Workshop
Heyer, Paradise, and Campbell present poster
Molinek selected to teach for Charlotte Teachers Institute
Molinek teaches topology in July Experience
Chartier presents at Legacy of R. L. Moore conference
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Cover of September 2009 Notices of the AMS

Swallow publishes one
Neidinger has one on automatic differentiation and OOP accepted
Chartier publishes one, and two more online with Kreutzer ’10
Chartier speaks about math and Yoda twice
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Mime-matics photo

Chartier publishes one and performs Mime-matics three times
Whitton grades and now leads Panthers’ Numbers Crunch
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Davidson-Missouri Western synthetic biology team has big July

     Swallow and Schultz ’02 speak in Banff
Graph theory:
     Zhang ’11 studies Scramble Square puzzles
Discrete geometry and number theory:
     Mossinghoff has one published, one accepted, speaks twice
Mathematical and computational biology
     Heyer and 10 Davidson students part of summer iGEM team
     Lau ’10 speaks and Taylor ’12 presents poster
Numerical analysis and scientific computation:
     Chartier organizes one and speaks
     Kreutzer ’10 speaks twice
     Dickson ’09 speaks once
     Chartier researches with 4 Davidson students
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Mathematics of Computation

Mossinghoff named associate editor of Mathematics of Computation
Molinek named to Charlotte Community School for Girls’ advisory board
Heyer appointed to the Mathematics Across the Disciplines subcommittee
Bivens appointed to committee on Carl B. Allendoerfer Award
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Bryant Barr and Laurie Heyer meet

Bryant Barr ’10 featured in college video
Heyers travel to Australia with Matthews Travel Award
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