The Bernard Review
Fall 2007

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Chambers Building

Klein wins statewide award
Bio-math team takes home a gold at iGEM
Su delivers 2007 Bernard Lecture
More Math Coffees, new courses, independent studies
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Ben Klein at work

Klein wins Rankin award
Anton-Bivens-Davis Calculus, 9th ed., nearly done
Heyer, Dovidio '07, Gordon '08 lead microarray workshops
Chartier, Davis, Neidinger speak on teaching at 2007 MathFest
Swallow gives minicourse on teaching Galois theory
Bivens' and Klein's paper on obstructed chessboards accepted
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Tim Chartier, mime

Chartier presents four lectures near Madison, WI, leads worskhop
Davis active in Charlotte Teachers' Circle, Charlotte Math Club
Mossinghoff at it again with Math Jeopardy
Whitton helps pen the Panthers Number Crunch
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Mike Mossinghoff

Mossinghoff completing second edition of book
Swallow is invited lecturer at Indiana MAA section meeting
Chartier publishes on soccer and CFD, wins subgrants for modules
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Heyer, as PI, wins major bio-math grant

     Swallow publishes on Galois cohomology
     Topaz '08 investigates Galois module structure with Swallow
     Mason has paper accepted, talks at Banff and AMS conference
Discrete geometry and number theory:
     Mossinghoff publishes one, has another accepted, lectures twice
Dynamical systems
     Molinek continues work modeling HIV
Mathematical and computational biology
     Heyer publishes twice, talks at MathFest and at Richmond
     Heyer and Compeau '08 explore Hamiltonian paths
     Compeau '08 speaks at MathFest and to Trustees
     Heyer, Dickson '09, Shoecraft team up for iGEM
     Heyer, Dovidio '07, Gordon '08 improve MagicTool
     Hergenroeder '08's REU work on wavelets accepted
     Muscalino '09 studies mathematics of navigation
     Paroczai '09 works at Northrop Grumman on LaTeX conversions
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Laurie Heyer

Heyer begins as chair of BIO SIGMAA and on biotech advisory
Swallow elected regent of Sewanee, attends leadership summit
Chartier appointed to Trevor Evans award committee
Davis appointed to MAA-SE Service award committee
Klein continues on MAA investment and articulation committees   
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