The Bernard Review
Fall 2006

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Chair: Rich Neidinger

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Chambers Building Jackson Award inaugurated
Bio-math team wins awards at iGEM contest at MIT
Lagarias delivers Bernard Lecture
Math Coffees continue apace
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Anton-Bivens-Davis text

MAT 118, Exploring Mathematical Ideas, leavens mix
Heyer, on sabbatical, plans new calculus and modeling course
Bivens and Davis head for ninth edition  
Davis and Klein continue work with Advanced Placement program
Hobart '07 teaches summer courses at Andover
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Chartier takes Mime-matics on the road
Math Jeopardy goes national
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Chartier gives closing address at 2006 SUMS
Bivens, Chartier, Davis, Neidinger speak at MathFest
Swallow reviews fiction for AMS Notices
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Mossinghoff in Annals, feted by department, and more
Algebra: Swallow awarded NSF grant, speaks at Banff, and more 
     Rankin ’07 spends summer working on algorithmic combinatorics
Dynamical systems
: Molinek, on sabbatical, studies cellular automata
Mathematical and computational biology
     Heyer, Harden ’09 tackle pancake problem with E. coli
Numerical analysis and scientific computation:
     Chartier, Dovidio ’07 develop Java units for ODE solvers
     Chartier, Orr ’08 consider adaptive multigrid preconditioner
     Dovidio ’07 researches spectral solvers for PDEs
Statistics: Nobles ’07 spends summer as research assistant at agency
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Stephen Davis

Davis honored with College’s Thomas Jefferson Award
Molinek leads College summer program in Ghana
Heyer is chair-elect of BIO SIGMAA
Klein passes torch in TAHSM SIGMAA       
Reardon ’08 joins Math Horizons Student Advisory Group
Chartier continues on editorial board of Math Horizons
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Mikayla Tim and Tanya Chartier welcome Mikayla
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AMS logo Search underway for new faculty member; Klein to retire in 2008
March 3-4, 2007: Davidson hosts AMS sectional meeting
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