Math Events 2012-2013

 Most of these are in our weekly 2012-2013 Math Coffee series of talks along with occasional social events.

Aug 29 Math Tea
Sept 5 Math Picnic
Sept 12 Colin Thomson '13, The Ingredients of Chaos
Sept 19 Andrew Lantz '14 and Tucker Whitesides '13, "Online Synthetic Biology Tools"
Sept 27 Prof. John Harris, Furman University, "Diamonds in the Rough? (or just rough on the diamond?)"
Oct 3 Prof. Paul Edelman, Vanderbilt University, " Voting Power, Coorperative Games and the Courts"
Oct 10 Dr. Donour Sizemore, Michael Waltrip Racing, "Math in Motorsports"
Oct 17 John Sutton, Red Ventures, "Math and Analytics"
Oct 24 Lucy McMurry '13 and Matilda Solinger '13, "Tensegrity Structures: In Theory and In Application"
Nov 1 Prof. Michael Dorff, BYU, "Shortest Paths, Soap Films, and Mathematics"
Nov 14 Dr. Michael Pearson, Mathematical Association of America, "Stirling's Formula: A Monthly Habit"
Nov 29 Gardner Celebration of the Mind hosted by Prof. Tim Chartier, Davidson Math Dept and CTI present, "Fun With Mathematics"
Dec 4 MAA State Dinner hosted by Davidson College, Prof. Jane Hawkins, UNC Chapel Hill, "Coding, Symbolic Dynamics, and Automata:Efforts to Simplify the Complex World"
Jan 16 Andrew Keesler, Bryan Kelly, Carlyle McCall, Matt Mohorn and others, "Study Abroad Discussion"
Jan 23 Hannah Swan, Winthrop University, "Mathematical Modeling of Fabric"
Jan 30 Daniel Bernstein '13, Strange Functions
Feb 6 Bryan Kelly '14 and Matt Mohorn '14, Budapest Problems in Mathematics
Feb 13 The Bernard Society, "Math Jeopardy"
Feb 20 Colin Thomson '13, Doughnut Dynamics: Mixing and Chaotic Toral Automorphisms
Feb 27 Corey Poff '13, Pathological Games
Mar 13 Mark Grotjohn '05 and Tyson Plowshay '05, Medical Software Development Opportunities at Epic
Mar 19 Dr. Gabor Bojar, Founder, AIT-Budapest, Study CS in Budapest
Mar 27 Kyle Yang '13, Graph Coloring and the Discharging Method
Apr 3 Bernard Society Event: Board Games Night
Apr 10  Brian McGue, A Data Mining Toolbox for Twitter and Jonah Galoeta-Sprung, Counting LOGs and GIGs
Apr 17 Rob Erhardt, Wake Forest University, Measuring Climate Change
Apr 24 Annual Math Picnic
May 1 The MAT 108 Poster Fair, Chambers Lilly Family Gallery, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.