Math Events 2011-2012

Most of these are in our weekly 2011-2012 Math Coffee series of talks along with occasional social events.

Aug 25 Karen Larson '12, Unwrapping Rap
Aug 31 Math Picnic
Sept 1 Poster Session on Student Summer Research at Davidson
Sept 8 Colin Thomson '13, Interactive Calculus Applets
Sept 15 Cyrus Lala '13, iPhone Programming
Sept 18 Dr. Sue Whitesides, U. Victoria, Canada, 2011 Bernard Lecture:
At the crossroads of geometry, discrete mathematics, and algorithm design
Sept 19 Dr. Sue Whitesides, U. Victoria, Canada,
Embedding problems for paths and cycles with direction constrained edges
Sept  29 Introduction to Backgammon
Oct 6 Duke DeLoach '12 & Lillian Wilson '13, 
Optimizing Gene Split-Sites for Bacterial Computing
Oct 13 Daniel Bernstein '13, The Mathematics of Movie Recommendations
Oct 20 Dr. Janine Haugh - UNC Asheville,
An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
Cartilage Regeneration in Cell-Seeded Scaffolds
Oct 27 Philip Compeau '08, UC San Diego,
Genome Reconstruction: A Puzzle with a Billion Pieces
Nov 3 Dr. Kristen Abernathy - Winthrop Univ,
Going against the norm: A brief introduction to analysis
Nov 10 Math Murder Mystery with the Bernard Society, Solve math puzzles to find out who is the killer
Nov 17 Paul Britton '12 & Bill Jin '12Summer Internship Panel Discussion
Dec 1 HHMI Outreach at Davidson, Organized by Dr. Tim Chartier for UNCC Charlotte Teachers Institute and Martin Gardner's Celebration of MindCelebration of the Mind
Jan 20 Panel Discussion: Study Abroad - Speakers David Helibron, Jonah Galeota-Sprung, Scott Shapiro, Jena Manilla, Lucy McMurray, Matilda Solinger and other returning students
Jan 26 Raghuram Ramanujan, Cornell University - Games: Man vs. Machine
Feb 2 Math Jeopardy, Bernard Society Speakers
Feb 9 Bud Brown, Virginia Tech, Chocolate Key Cryptography - A Delicious Way to Send Secret Messages
Feb 16 Corey Poff ‘13 - 20/20 Ant Vision
Feb 23 Dr. Karmella Haynes - No More Magic Bullets: Combining Synthetic Biology with Bioinformatics for Engineering Medicine
Mar 1 Paul Britton ‘12, Seth Freeman ‘12, Jonah Galeota-Sprung ‘13, Karen Larson ‘12, Scott Shapiro ‘13, Tucker Whitesides '13, Lilly Wilson ‘13 - Navigating the Big Long River
Mar 16 Prof. Arthur Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College - The Secrets of Mental Math, Counting with Undergraduates
Mar 22 Mike Chastain, Wolfram ResearchMathematica 8 In Education & Research
Mar 29 Karen Larson '12 - Unwrapping Rap - The Remix
Apr 5 Math Treasure Hunt - Bernard Society's treasure hunt
Apr 11 Caroline Shapcott, Drexel University - Sequences and generating functionology
Apr 12 Paul Britton '12 and Coach Bob McKillop - Boxing in Basketball: A Round by Round Analysis of the College Game
Apr 19 Justin Peachey, Clemson University - McNuggets, semigroups, graphs, and Riemann-Roch
Apr 24 Austin Reid ‘07 - Introductory Computer Graphics as Applied Linear Algebra and Applied Calculus