Math Events 2010-2011

May 04
5:00 pm
Math Department Picnic 2011
April 21
11:05 am
Community-based learning poster session
April 14
4:00 pm
Math/Physics: "Homogenization: mathematics for heterogeneous materials" Dr. James Nolen '00, Duke University
April 05
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Community Structure in Networks" Dr. Mason Porter, Oxford University
March 25
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "A Proof of Bertrand's Postulate" Dr. Dan Cranston, VCU
March 22
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Solving NP-complete Problems Using Bionanotechnology" Katie Richeson ‘11
March 17
4:30 pm
Public Lecture: "Math and Art: The Good, the Bad and the Pretty" Dr. Annalisa Crannell, Franklin & Marshall College
March 17
7:30 pm
Math and Art Workshop: “Your Name in Space!” Dr. Annalisa Crannell, Franklin & Marshall
March 10
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "A Snowball's Chance in Dell" Cyrus Lala '13, Colin Nelson '12, Greg Newman `12 and Jimmy Rountree '11
February 18
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Sports Ratings by Linear Regression with Lp norms" Ken Massey, Carson-Newman College
February 10
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Math's Provability Paradox: Exploring Incompleteness" Adam Lewicki ‘11
February 03
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Processing Processing" Annie Temmink ‘11
January 27
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Math Jeopardy" audience participation game
January 21
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Applications of Calculus to Partial Differential Equations" John Helms '07, UNC Chapel Hill
December 02
10:00 am
Math and Politics Poster Session by MAT 108
December 02
4:00 pm
Math Coffee on Computer Security: "Who goes there?" Dr. Mikael Goldmann, Visiting STINT Professor from Sweden
November 18
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Six Degrees of Separation" Dr. Michael Mossinghoff
November 11
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Middle School Graph Theory: there is nothing DRI about it" Beth Peters '11
November 04
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "A Tale of Four Flowers" Daniel Martin '11
October 27
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: Math Murder Mystery
October 21
5:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Celebration of mind through mime " Tim and Tanya Chartier
October 14
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Solving the Knapsack Problem; a Bacterial Computing Approach" Meador '12, Shiu '12, Streb '12
September 30
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Slow flow and fast linear algebra" Dr. Scott MacLachlan, Tufts U.
September 23
6:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Budapest Semesters in Math" Greg Marcil '11
September 14
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Sums of Squares and the 290-Theorem" Dr. Manjul Bhargava, Princeton U.
September 13
8:00 pm
Bernard Lecture: "Linguistics, Poetry, and Mathematics" Dr. Manjul Bhargava, Princeton
September 09
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "New Patterns with a Paradigm Shift in Data Clustering" Colin Thomson '13
September 02
7:00 pm
Summer Research Symposium 2010
August 31
5:30 pm
Math Department Picnic