Math Events 2009-2010

May 04
6:00 pm
Math Department Picnic
April 29
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Solving NP-Complete Problems using DNA Origami" Linda Kreist ‘11 and Katie Richeson ‘11
April 23
10:30 am
Mathematical Modeling (MAT 210) Poster Session on Service-Related Projects
April 21
8:30 am
MAT 118 Poster Session
April 20
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Exploring patterns in boolean satisfiability" Shashank Suresh ‘12 and Annie Temmink ‘11
April 16
2:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Odd Perfect Numbers" Dr. Kevin Hare, University of Waterloo
April 07
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Higher-Order Automatic Differentiation Methods in MATLAB" Ben Altman ‘10
April 01
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Mathematical Modeling of Malaria" Sarah Oberst '10
March 21
7:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Do Dogs Know Calculus?" Dr. Tim Pennings, Hope College
March 12
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "From Solid Geometry to Abstract Sculpture" Dr. Eve Torrence, Randolph-Macon College
March 11
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "The Easiest Lights Out Games" Dr. Bruce Torrence, Randolph-Macon College
February 19
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "A Look at the Realities of AI" Gavin Taylor ‘06
February 09
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Unshackling Linear Algebra from Linear Notation" Elisha Peterson, U.S. Military Academy
February 04
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "When is a knot not a knot?" Henry Segerman, Univ. of Texas at Austin
January 26
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "The Art of the Combinatorial Proof" Carl Yerger, Georgia Tech
January 21
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: Decorate some Pi (cookies that is!)
December 03
4:30 pm
Art and Math Show (from MAT 118)
November 19
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Solving Scramble Squares from a Graphical Theoretical Perspective" Mali Zhang ‘11
November 12
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "What Do You Do When You Have Too Many Answers? Consensus Clustering and Non-negative Matrix Factorization" Chuck Wessell, NCSU
November 05
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Get into the Zome" Activity
October 29
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Untangling Causation in Complex Systems" Dr. Daniel Kaplan, Macalester College
October 22
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "A MAGIC Summer" Mark Trawick ‘10
October 15
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: “Neurodynamics: Chaos in the Brain” Walter Wiggins ’07 – MD/PhD Student, Wake Forest Sch. of Medicine
October 01
6:45 pm
Math Movie Night: "Hard Problems"
September 24
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Using Math and Computer Science in MTV’s Real World" Greg Newman ‘12
September 17
6:45 pm
Math Coffee: "Ties and Sports Ranking" Erich Kreutzer '10
September 11
4:00 pm
BioMath Connections
September 07
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Breaking Driver's License Codes" Dr. Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota Duluth
September 06
8:00 pm
Bernard Lecture: "Using Mathematics to Create Symmetry Patterns" Dr. Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota Duluth
September 01
5:00 pm
Math Department Picnic