Math Events 2008-2009

May 04
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: Gabe Mayer '09 on a highway flow model; Miller Williams '10 on chessboard puzzles.
April 23
6:30 pm
Math Coffee "Tilings: All the math that went into designing your kitchen floor" Nathaniel Hutchinson '09
April 21
5:00 pm
Math Department Spring Picnic
April 16
6:30 am
Math Coffee: "It's 3am, Do you Know Where Your ATM Card Is?" Dr. Larissa Horn, Wake Forest University
April 01
4:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Bioinformatics and DNA markers: identifying individuals and their environment over time," Dr. Jennifer Weller, UNCC
March 13
8:30 am
Math Coffee: " Pi Day Celebration"
February 25
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Channel Assignment on Cayley Graphs" Dr. Patrick Bahls, UNCA
February 12
4:00 pm
Math Major in "Major Decisions Series 2009"
February 05
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "MCM Contest Kickoff"
January 30
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: Flatland The Movie
December 02
7:30 pm
EconTalks and Math Coffee Present: "The Risk Business: A Quantitative Analyst's Economic and Mathematical Insights"
November 20
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Math Murder Mystery"
November 13
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Math and the Sea" Kristi Muscalino ‘09
November 06
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Math Taboo"
October 23
4:00 pm
Math and Biology Seminar: "The Past, Present and Future of Endangered Whale Populations" Dr. Glenn Ledder, University of Nebraska
October 16
7:30 pm
NPR "Math Guy" Keith Devlin gives Bernard Lecture
October 16
10:00 am
Math Coffee: "Scientific Heat about Cold Hits", Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford University
October 16
1:00 pm
Math Coffee: "Blackjack and Mathematics: The "Reel" Story", Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford University
October 02
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "To Define a Movie Genre and Ranking in NetFlix Movie Data" Peter Simov '08
September 21
3:30 pm
Math Picnic at Lake Campus
September 18
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Constructibility of Closed Hyperbolic {k,n} - Tilings" Greg Marcil ‘11
September 11
6:30 pm
Math Coffee: "From String Theory to Braids" Dr. Joe Rusinko '01, Winthrop
September 05
6:00 pm
Math Coffee: Students take on Vegas!
4:00 pm
Math Coffee: