Math Events 2007-2008

April 24
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Skyline Augmented Fillings" Katie Daves ‘08
April 17
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Little-known facts about the Fibonacci numbers" Dr. Greg Dresden, Washington & Lee University
April 04
2:30 pm
Math/Physics Seminar: What has quantum mechanics to do with factoring? Dr. Mermin, Cornell U.
April 03
7:00 pm
Spooky Actions at a Distance?
March 20
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "A Friendly Introduction to Group Cohomology", Adam Topaz '08
March 13
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Cellular Automata and Applications in the Modeling of Physical Systems" A. J. Hergenroeder '08
February 21
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Where must the light source be?" Dr. L. R. King, Emeritus, Davidson College
January 24
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "True 3-D Images from any camera and a computer" Dr. Dick Webber, Wake Forest
November 15
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Applications of Young Diagrams and Young Tableaux" Laurie Zack, High Point U.
November 01
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "The Magic (Tool) of Microarrays", Michael Gordon '08
October 25
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "p-adic fields", Adam Topaz, '08
October 18
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Living Hardware to Solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem", Jim Dickson '09
October 11
2:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Dynamical Properties of a Cellular Automaton Model for HIV", Dr. Emily Burkhead, Meredith College
October 01
3:30 pm
Math Coffee: "My Favorite Math Fun Facts" Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
September 30
8:00 pm
Bernard Lecture: "Graphs and Voting in Agreeable Societies"
September 27
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Generating Wavelet Sets with the Crossover and Patch Algorithms" A. J. Hergenroeder '08
September 20
7:30 pm
Math Coffee: "Pancakes + Math = Fun"
September 07
3:00 pm
BioMath Connections
September 06
7:00 pm
The Davidson College Summer Research Symposium
September 05
5:00 pm
Graduate School Week: Natural Sciences & Mathematics Graduate School Panel