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Math Coffees

Math Coffees are weekly meetings of students and faculty to hear a local or visiting speaker. Check here frequently for updates!

Math Coffee flyer Hunter K. Monroe, DC '84, Senior Economist, IMF
Cancellation and the P versus NP Question
Or How to Win a Million Dollars with Pencil and Paper
3:30 p.m., Friday, April 23,
Chambers 2130
The talk, accessible to non-majors, will examine attempts that have been made to answer the unsolved P versus NP problem, for which there is a prize of one million U.S. dollars from the Clay Mathematics Institute. An answer to the P versus NP question, which asks whether it is harder to find a proof than to check it, would have implications for the intractability of thousands of problems in many fields, ranging from cryptography (i.e. whether it is safe to give your credit card on the Internet) to protein folding. The talk, to honor the retirement of Dr. Richie King, will include a new result on when cancellation is useful, and some observations on how the P versus NP question might be answered.
Math Coffee flyer MAT 118 Poster Session
Exploring Mathematical Ideas
1:30 p.m.--2:30 p.m., Monday, April 26,
Common space outside the Math Offices, 3rd floor, North Chambers
Explore with the students from Dr. Neidinger's Mathematics 118 class, Exploring Mathematical Ideas.
Spring 2004 Math Coffee Schedule     (click on an image at the left to view the Math Coffee announcement)
Math Coffee flyer February 12
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Tim Chartier
Mathematical Art: the art of raytracing
Math Coffee flyer February 19
4--5 p.m.
Dr. Van Emden Henson, Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:
A Big Kid's Playground: What Can You Do With Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Thousands of Processors?
Math Coffee flyer February 26
4--5 p.m.
Davidson College Mathematical Modeling Class
A Faster QuickPass System
Math Coffee flyer March 12
3:30--4:30 p.m.
Prof. Adrian Rice, Randolph-Macon College
Alice in Numberland: Mathematics in the Writings of Lewis Carroll
Math Coffee flyer March 23
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Rob Harger, High Point University
A Couple of Problems from Senior Seminar
Math Coffee flyer April 1
7:30 p.m.
Joe Rusinko, DC '01 & University of Georgia
A Fool's Search
Math Coffee flyer April 8
7:30 p.m.
Grey Wicker, DC '04
Seeing Outside the Trap
Math Coffee flyer April 18
7:30 p.m.
Prof. Michael Starbird, University of Texas at Austin
Cutting Cake for Greedy People
Math Coffee flyer April 23
3:30 p.m.
Hunter K. Monroe, DC '84, Senior Economist, IMF
Cancellation and the P versus NP Question
Or How to Win a Million Dollars with Pencil and Paper
Math Coffee flyer April 26
1:30 p.m.
MAT 118 Students
Exploring Mathematical Ideas Poster Session
Fall 2003 Math Coffee Schedule
Math Coffee flyer September 4
4--5 p.m.
Kristen Nickel, DC '04
Purity, Mathematics, and Budapest (Tisztasag, Matematika, es Budapest)
Math Coffee flyer September 11
4--5 p.m.
Alex Sibley, DC '04
Lyapunov Exponent Pictures of Composite Functions
Math Coffee flyer September 18
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Larry Ligo, Davidson College Art Department
Gaining Perspective: The Influence of Mathematics and Science in Art
Math Coffee flyer September 25
4--5 p.m.
Andy Shultz, DC '01 & Stanford University
Mathematical Evolution: a Tour through Paradox
Math Coffee flyer October 9
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Rudy Horne, UNC-Chapel Hill
An Introduction to Optical Fibers: Light Pulse Interactions
Math Coffee flyer October 16
8 p.m.
Bernard Lecture
Prof. Edward Scheinerman, Johns Hopkins University
Mathematics Through Games
Math Coffee flyer October 23
7:30--8:30 p.m.
Prof. Heyer's MAT 340, Probability, class
Perplexing Probability Problems
A mathodrama in three acts
Math Coffee flyer October 30
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Michael Mossinghoff, Davidson College
STOP! Are Regular Octagons Optimal?
Math Coffee flyer November 6
4--5 p.m.
Prof. Ron Taylor, Berry College
The Difference Between a Small Infinity and a Big Zero
Math Coffee flyer November 13
7:30--8:30 p.m.
Math and Games
Math Coffee flyer November 20
4:00--5:00 p.m.
Prof. Eric Marland, Appalachian State University
Estimating Carbon Sequestration
(Jointly sponsored with the Biology Department)
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