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Math Coffees

Math Coffees are weekly meetings of students and faculty to hear a local or visiting speaker. The 2002-2003 Math Coffee season concluded with an outstanding session provided by this spring's MAT 118 class. Thanks to all our speakers and presenters this year. Check this space again in the fall for announcements of more great talks.

Math Coffee flyer MAT 118 Poster Session:
Exploring Mathematical Ideas
4 p.m.--5 p.m., Thursday, May 1, Chambers 125
Explore with the students from Dr. Neidinger's Mathematics 118 class, Exploring Mathematical Ideas.
Spring 2003 Math Coffee Schedule     (click on an image at the left to view the Math Coffee announcement)
Math Coffee flyer January 23
Adam Dickey & Elizabeth Perez, Wake Forest University
A Liberal Arts Approach to Mathematical Modeling
Math Coffee flyer January 30
4--5 p.m.
Come hear one of the candidates for our mathematics faculty position talk on
A Problem from the Game SET(TM)
Math Coffee flyer February 3
4--5 p.m.
Come hear one of the candidates for our mathematics faculty position.
Improving on your Mistakes: solving linear equations iteratively
Math Coffee flyer February 5
4--5 p.m.
Come hear one of the candidates for our mathematics faculty position.
Polynomials and Primes
Math Coffee flyer February 20
8--9 p.m.
Chambers 125
Joe Rusinko, DC'01, University of Georgia
Want to Earn a Million Dollars?
Math Coffee flyer March 20
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
Rob McLean, DC'03
Paths that Turn at a Constant Rate: Special Curves in the Hyperbolic Plane
Math Coffee Poster March 26
7--8 p.m.
Chambers 125
Parul Karnik, DC'04, & Gregg Wallace, DC'05,
Brainwash: Automated Treatment Planning for Sterotactic Radiosurgery
Josh Layfield, DC'05, Alex Sibley, DC'04, & Katie Winter, DC'05
The Dumbo Jump: Cost Effective Protection for a Motorcycle Stuntman
Math Coffee Poster April 3
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 337
April is Mathematics Awareness Month. Professors Rich Neidinger and Donna Molinek lead us in an exploration with this year's theme,
Mathematics and Art
Math Coffee flyer April 10
8--9 p.m.
Chambers 125
John Harris, Furman University
Radio Colorings of Graphs
Math Coffee flyer April 17
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
Ashley Alderman, DC'03, & Cindy Moore, DC'03,
Twizlers, Donuts, and Sunday Night TV
Math Coffee flyer May 1
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
MAT 118 Poster Session:
Exploring Mathematical Ideas
Fall 2002 Math Coffee Schedule
Math Coffee flyer August 29
4--5:30 p.m.
Andy Schultz, DC'02
Oragami Workshop
Math Coffee flyer September 5
4--5 p.m.
Dr. Helen Moore, Stanford University and the AIM Research Conference Center
Using Mathematics to Improve Medical Treatments
Math Coffee flyer September 12
4:30--5:30 p.m.
Dana 146
Simon Tavaré, the University of Southern California
Primates and Dinosaurs, Statistical Inference from the Fossil Record
Refreshments at 4 p.m. Jointly sponsored by the Biology and Mathematics Departments.
Math Coffee flyer September 19
7--8 p.m.
Chambers 125
Rob McClean, DC'03
Crayola, Epidemiology, and Retarded Equations
  September 26
at Furman University
Field trip to hear Furman University Clanton Lecturer Prof. Frank Morgan of Williams College talk on The Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture and The Soap Bubble Geometry Contest at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., respectively, on Thursday, September 26, on the campus of Furman University.
Bernard Lecture Poster September 30
8 p.m.
Smith 900 Room
2002 Bernard Lecturer, Professor Underwood Dudley, DePauw University.
Why Teach Mathematics?
Math Coffee Poster October 3
7--8 p.m.
Sprinkle Room
Maryann Loman, DC'01, Koren Cranford, DC'91, & Eric Hill of William M. Mercer
Careers in Actuarial Science
Math Coffee flyer October 10
7--8 p.m.
Chambers 125
Professor Emeritus J.B. Stroud
Barnaby and the Purple Heptagon
Math Coffee flyer   October 17
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 337
Professor Rich Neidinger
DPGraph---3D Graphing Software
Math Coffee flyer October 24
4--5 p.m.
Sprinkle Room
Sarah J Greenwald*, Appalachian State University, and Andrew Nestler, Santa Monica College
The Simpsons Rule: Mathematical Morsels from "The Simpsons"
The Sprinkle Room is located on the fourth floor of the Alvarez College Union.
  October 30
11 a.m.--2 p.m.
Union Atrium
There's no Math Coffee this week, but visit our table at the
Majors, Minors, and Concentrations Fair
Organized by your Davidson College Career's Office.
Math Coffee flyer November 7
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
Professor Donna Molinek
The n-number Ducci game
(or how to have fun at a math talk you don't understand)
Math Coffee flyer November 14
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
John Baxley, Wake Forest University
What's the Value of the Mean Value Theorem?
Math Coffee flyer November 21
4--5 p.m.
Chambers 125
Adam Abele, DC'03, Brian Akin, DC'04, Danielle Choi, DC'04, Parul Karnik, DC'04, David Moskowitz, DC'03
The Magical World of Microarray Data Analysis