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New Publications


Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing, published by Princeton University Press, offers hands-on activities to engage in mathematical topics that involve computing. A handful of chocolate can create an estimate to π. Learn math behind sports ranking and bracketology, use m&ms to explore ideas from Calculus, and learn how to create a resizable computer font. Want a closer look? Get more details at Amazon and see the great reviews the book's getting.

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World, published by the Teaching Company, presents the fundamentals and, possibly even more, the mindset of data analytics. From infographics to sports ranking to marketing, this course covers a wide array of topics. You learn techniques so you can do data analytics on your own and also learn stories about companies like Facebook, Netflix, and JCPenney. The lectures were designed to suit beginner and more advanced mathematicians alike. Get more details at The Great Courses website.

When Life is Linear: from computer graphics to bracketology, published by the Mathematical Association of America, delves into applications of linear algebra largely in the context of computer graphics and data mining. Art Benjamin (Harvey Mudd College) calls the book "the perfect supplement to a linear algebra course." Tony DeRose (Pixar Animation Studios) calls the book a "refreshing change as it is driven by real-world applications that are inspiring and familiar..." Get more details at the MAA's website.


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College. I hold both a B.S. degree in applied mathematics and a M.S. degree in computational mathematics from Western Michigan University. I received my Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. During 2001-2003 I held a VIGRE postdoctoral position in the Mathematics Department at the University of Washington. For more information on my activity, see my curriculum vitae (last modified January 2015).

If you're here to find my bracketology code for March Madness, visit http://marchmathness.davidson.edu.

Selected Presentations

 Linear Thinking: From Bracketology to Computer Graphics (video), Math Encounters, National Museum of Mathematics, New York, New York, January 2014.
Thinking linearly about data, MAA Invited Address, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA. January 2013.
Animating Class with Computer Graphics, MAA Invited Paper Session on Mathematics, Computer Graphics, and Film Production, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA. January 2013.
March MATHness in the Classroom, MAA Invited Paper Session on Thinking Linearly about Data in Research and Teaching, San Diego, CA. January 2013.
Finite Math Tag: geotagged math maps, Applications for Mathematics Classes from Outside STEM Fields, panelist, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA. January 2013.

Online Publications

The following articles were published either in the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications or Loci, but are all available through Loci as this journal is an aggregation of a few online journals of the Mathematical Association of America. The following articles all contain interactive java applets.
Mountains of Fractals - Learn to produce coastlines in 2D and mountains in 2D and 3D by adapting ideas related to the construction of fractals. Introductory mathematical issues in random number generation are discussed. Java applications allow interactive exploration, (published in the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications).
Modeling a Changing World (co-authored with N. Dovidio) - Events in our world are often modeled with differential equations. This article develops numerical solvers for ODEs. Interactive applets explore topics including slope fields and numerically solving definite integrals and differential equations, (published in the Loci).
Integer Programming Model for the Sudoku Problem (co-authored with A. Barlett, A. Langville and T. Rankin) - Let binary integer linear programming solve Sudoku puzzles and variations on the game for you. Also, learn to prove theorems regarding puzzle creation. Java applets allow for interactive exploration, and exercises and challenge problems are included, (published in the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications).

Selected Teaching Resources

Using the Force of Math in Star Wars - makes mathematical connections to the special effects used to digitally create the character of Yoda.
Mathematical Art: the art of raytracing - a web page designed to introduce Calculus students to raytracing
Math Murder Mystery - Resources for hosting a Math Murder Mystery prepared by Davidson College math majors from the class of 2006.
Rising to the occasion of modeling card shuffling - contains an interactive applet for this famous model
Online Academic Review Games

Awards and Recognitions

MAA Math Ambassador -- in January 2014, Michael Pearson, Executive Director of the Mathematical Association of America, named me the inaugural MAA Math Ambassador. It is an honor and joy to share mathematics through this role.
2007 Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Beginning College or University Mathematics Faculty Member -- awarded by the Mathematical Association of America. To read more about the award, click here.
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship -- awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. To read more about the award, click here. To read an article about my receiving the award, click here.

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