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Co-curators: Jessica Cooley and Ann M. Fox, Ph.D.

Artists: Rebecca Horn, Nancy Fried, Harriet Sanderson, Judith Scott, and Laura Splan

The Van Every/Smith Galleries at Davidson College
will present the first exhibition to address the intersection between disability identity and female identity in RE/FORMATIONS: Disability, Women, and Sculpture. On view from January 16 – February 27, 2009, five female artists, four of whom are disabled, will exhibit sculpture that examines disability not as mental or physical insufficiency limited to a small minority, but as a widespread and diffuse cultural identity, like race or sexual orientation. This is not art as therapy or rehabilitation. It is art emerging from within disability culture that is at once activist and aesthetically innovative.

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by Dr. Ann M. Fox

Look at the word: re/formations. Its back is broken, the prefix at once separate from but connected to the root.  You look at the word in a new way; it’s the same word, but not the same; possible ways of fragmenting it suddenly become apparent; the text is not naturally fixed, but fluid, malleable, possible in different directions.  That slash, disfiguring and reconfiguring,  at once makes visible the word’s indeterminacy and expresses playful possibility.  This is the way we invite you to enter Re/Formations: Disability, Women, and Sculpture.  There are many things that are reformed and re-formed, ameliorated and reshaped, by virtue of this groundbreaking exhibit.

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