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Fieldwork in Ecuador

I am a sociocultural anthropologist currently teaching at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. My particular areas of interest are in indigenous culture and religion in Latin America, environment and sustainability issues, humanistic anthropology, and issues of social justice and human rights. Most of my academic research has been conducted in Guatemala and the wider culture region of Mesoamerica on issues of Maya identity and evangelical religion. I am also interested in communal identity and and social change in the southern United States and the Mexico-U.S. border region.


On "The Anthropologist's Project" --

As participants, we are engaged in the everyday work of being us. The who of us expands out into artifacts in our hands. We respond to each other's actions in the conventionalized forms that validate our presence. We take for granted this is the way the world should be. We are very much in-place. As anthropologists, on the other hand, our goal is to interpret what others are doing. . . . The goal of our watching, however, is NOT to disengage ourselves to the point that we strip the actions of their meaning and thereby turn them into isolated things, into objects present-at-hand.

Miles Richardson, Being-in Christ and Putting Death in Its Place

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Courses Offered:

Latin American Society and Culture Today

Anthropology of Religion

Latin American Social Movements

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANT 101)

Anthropology of Development and Environmental Sustainability

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